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Group interviews are becoming more and more popular these days. They are a great way for a business to review multiple candidates and save time in the process, whilst seeing how the candidates perform under pressure and works in a team!

If you are attending a group interview, initially it can be a bit odd meeting your direct competition. You are likely to keep your guard up, but keeping your guard up is the last thing you should do. If you approach a group interview as a team activity you will have nothing to worry about. This type of interview is designed so that employers can see you demonstrate skills required within the job description whilst also:

  • Testing you in a social situation
  • Putting you under pressure
  • Highlighting your leadership skills
  • Testing your ability to build rapport with strangers
  • Testing your teamwork and interpersonal skills

Before your interview

As with any type of interview preparation is key, the best advice is to practice and test yourself on the following:

  • Introducing yourself to a group - It may sound silly but it is worth practising in front of the mirror a one minute introduction about you and your experience. This is a pretty standard part of a group interview and can catch a lot of candidates out.
  • There is normally a Q&A during a group interview, so prepare some questions. As with any interview it is worth thinking about any questions that you have relating to the role or the business. - See our blog about interview questions
  • Research the business – with any interview this is sound advice, try and establish their strategy, no of employees, products/services, production sites.
  • Plan your outfit the day before and try it on. Don't be rushing around on the morning of your interview having realised your planned outfit isn't clean or doesn't fit anymore

On the day of your interview

  • Arrive early– When you’re competing against a number of other candidates, it’s essential you make the most of every opportunity to stand out –and not be remembered for the wrong reasons. 
  • If you arrive early you can chat to the other candidates and build a rapport. Be friendly, try to learn their names, it may help at a later stage if you are asked to get into groups.
  • Arrive prepared, turn up with a note pad and pen and take notes during the day if you think it is relevant.
  • Think about your body language - don’t sit cross legged or cross armed, it can be seen as very defensive. Sit up straight with your shoulders back.
  • If there is a Q&A ask questions that illustrate the amount of work you’ve done and how much you want the job.
  • Include others - this could be the key to success. Despite being direct competitors, it is essential you build a good relationship with your peers during this process. In a group activity if you see someone struggling try and offer help, remember you are probably being judged on your team working skills.
  • Don’t speak over other candidates
  • Don’t be too informal
  • Stay calm and swearing is a definite no!


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